Saturday, September 18, 2004

"Top 10 Reasons I, Marion Jones, Love The Olympics," as read via satellite from Athens by Jones:

10. "The pillows in the Athens hotel rooms smell like gyro meat."

9. "Once I found a comb someone had lost in the long jump pit."

8. "I had a chance to meet Danish badminton champ, Camilla Martin."

7. "Put a gold medal in a change machine and you get like 20 bucks in quarters."

6. "If you get nervous performing in front of big crowds, you won't have that problem here."

5. "Ten percent discount on selected Olympus cameras."

4. "Ralph Nader keeps begging me to be his running mate."

3. "Free javelins!"

2. "I can use the Olympic torch to light cigars."

1. "I'll likely get to go to the White House and meet what's-his-face." (Aug. 23)


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