Friday, April 09, 2004

There will be a small number of links posted on today because of obvious Spring Break fun reasons. If you want fun, subscribe to The Messenger, official sponsor newspaper at

Thursday, April 08, 2004

POE News: Rumsfeld Fighting Technique This guy loves to fight... wait... he's a political person? They're born for that... (people)

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Many of you may not be used to the new "SAND DOLLAR" template format for The archives are on the right <<<<, so check them out if you are new to the site. Also, there is important information posted below this!

Propeller Island City Lodge Symbol Room click on the numbers, especially 23- this is a really cool hotel. (wtf)

By the way, if you're wondering what the things in the ( )'s at the end of each link mean- we placed all of the links into different categories.

wtf- for just plain crazy stuff
people- for just plain crazy people
games- for cool games
sports- for sports news
media- for short videos and flash clips

So, yeah. - A car stereo that can kill you? Cool - Jul. 2, 2003 In steps Troy Erving- the owner of a 18-year-old Dodge Caravan w/ a heck of a sound system: 72 amplifiers and 36 16-volt batteries to total 130,000 watts of power, all needed to rumble his 9 15-inch subwoofers. Crazy? Maybe. Can he drive that car? No. But standing in front of the amplifiers and subwoofers without protection will turn your brain to tofu in seconds. Why does he do it? Click here to find out. (wtf) the History, Science, and Consequences of the Atomic Bomb I know some of you out there love Atomic bombs.... haha... (wtf)

Yahoo! News - AFP Top Photos Probably only available on Wednesday, so catch a glimpse of this- SUMO WRESTLING; 140 lbs. vs. 470 lbs. (wtf)

Faculty - Biological Sciences - University at Albany, State Univ of New York This person has a nice name... hahaha... she probably gets laughed at often. (wtf)

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The updated ranks for modifiers only:

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World Record Grizzly Bear Wanna learn about the World Record Grizzly Bear? Well, you don't wanna read through this friggin' long story, do you? (wtf)

Runnnin' Nude (only a little nude ) this must be the weirdest game we've ever posted.... (games) >> Recognize the logos? Try to see what the logos are... (games)

Pipemania A game where you connect the water source to the shower spout. haha.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

End of ze World PREMIER OF ALL CLIPS... excellent flash work... (CONTAINS SWEAR WORDS) but very, very, very (did I say very) funny.

Laughing Cat This is a laughing cat.... wow...

The Insanity Test whoa... turn on the speakers for this one....

How To Drive HAHA funny... HOW TO DRIVE PROPERLY... yes...

blind date Find your true love blind date... lol

Geiri3d: The Matrix Reentered THIS IS: the matrix reentered... in theaters everywhere DECEMBER... haha

Stairway to Heaven Backwards Wow... try more songs backward... haha

Welcome to our new modifier, Taylor Jacobsen!

Monday, April 05, 2004

Oddcast TTS Demo Type something and have them say it. Have fun.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

eBay item 2470978457 (Ends Apr-03-04 22:04:18 PST) - Hummer (AM General) : H2 Wow.... You can get the weirdest things on eBay... this one is a stretch Hummer.

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