Friday, May 14, 2004

Bird Racer Very addicting racing game (create your own track and race against the computer or another person) (games)

I found a duck - the world's first online / offline global plastic duck race wow... the most ingenious game ever! (wtf)

Route One - Osiris Soundsystem Gbag 1050 Annoy everyone with this bag. (wtf)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Field Goal - addicting field-goal kicking game (games)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Mary Kate and Ashley - Olsen Twins 18th Birthday Countdown O, great. Just four more weeks. (wtf)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sony unveils PSP handheld gaming device - May. 11, 2004 PSP? PlayStation Portable. (wtf)

Again... same message as the below post.

Hockey Hit- Who Am I? Again, you have to catch this before it goes down. (which would be today) Same date as the post below (look in the archives) (media)

I think I can... Dang it, I can't You can probably only catch this today, but you can check the archives. It's for 5/7/04. This could be one of the most funniest media posted today (media)

Rest zone get through the maze without getting electricuted (addicting) (games)

Nintendo NES Controller Belt Buckles Ladies and gentlemen. We introduce, the NES controller Belt Buckle. (wtf)

Yahoo! News - 3D Church Opened to Woo Internet Faithful O, great. People are getting lazy these days. An internet church? (wtf)

Yahoo! News - Man Seeks Revenge on SUV-Damaging Turkey What? Read the title again. What? Repeat Step 2. (wtf)

Yahoo! News - Puppy Dials Ambulance, Crew Responds So, you think you're smart? Take a look at this news. (wtf) - Million Mom March The designers of this march (on Mother's Day) overestimated the attendance by 998,000 people. (wtf)

WorldNetDaily: Bin Ladins to build world's tallest building? True. Well, at least this source looks authentic. Is it like everyone's dream to build the world's tallest building? This skyscraper will be nearly half a mile and about one-third taller than the Petronas Towers in Kula Lumpur. It even has one of the world's largest malls! (wtf) - News -50 Cent Performance Cut Short After Fan Throws Water At Him ooo... violence. old stuff. (wtf)

Lopez 'engaged again' - Entertainment - JLo... not the other Lopez... (news)

Monday, May 10, 2004

Playstation 3 makez ppl STOOPID! Sequel to beneath... read the two posts below first. (a little adultish)

Playstation 3 pinched by Australians! The sequel to the post below. Read below first.

misinformer Games Sneak Preview: Playstation 3 A not so official look at PS3. This could be the funniest post yet today. (wtf)

The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer If you have an old computer, then go ahead! (wtf)

The reason why I had such a big hole from Sunday to Monday was because our main database computer had a virus. But, we're back!

The Netflix Scam Does anyone care about netflix??? no, right? (wtf)

Accident Database: Main Index Do you just love plane crashes and disasters? Do you like the crash and boom of an aircraft exploding? Then this is the right website for you! (wtf)

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Yahoo! News - I'll Have 10,000 Chocolate Bars to Go, Please What the title said... (wtf)

Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event Man eats his own weight in popcorn (wtf)

Koert >>> Webcam - i think your life is far too hectic.....hey pal you really oughtta slow down.......heheheheh. Man sleeps in front of home- 24-7 (wtf)

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