Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Corny Joke of the Week:

"I heard that Phil Jackson was coming out with a new book, titled: How to Go from a Legendary Coaching Genius to Unemployed in Five Games:

- Alan Massengale, KCAL 9

I wonder what kind of laws he would pass. Posted by Hello

Mommy, look at that elephant up there!! Posted by Hello

ah, yes. So you can act like you're see what happening inside... Posted by Hello

woah. what is that? Posted by Hello

Haha... wait... what if you were sitting in the back seat? Posted by Hello

Aww dang, they got my car again... Posted by Hello

Is it just us, or is that bright? Posted by Hello - NFL - Ratto: A bum deal wow... not good... and Janet Jackson did not get charged at all?

Ouch... T-Mac to Houston? Houston, we've got a problem. Posted by Hello

Introducing the newly improved, complete with a chatterbox for interaction between "Lifers", and a guestbook for all visitors to sign! Digital Dream House Hey, check out the slideshow of his house. Sick.

Spiral Stair Slide The coolest staircase ever!!!!

Watch me SOLVE a 20x20x20 cube some people have too much time on their hands... press previous to watch the steps

Yahoo! News - AFP Top Photos ooo, this should soften out the campaign a little for Mr. Kerry - Health - What Are Carbs? Survey Finds Many People Don't Know Yet the longest article in the history of this website

Flip a CoinOnline coin-flipping service, people.

Student bids for a senior prank: South Florida Sun-Sentinel Don't you wish that you were selling it?

News Man Charge With Chalupa Assault- apparently he wasn't too happy about the beans they put in, so he just threw the beans back at them

Microsoft patents 'to-do' list - ZDNet UK News aww... what? We can't even have a shopping list?

Monday, June 21, 2004

Again, just copy and paste the links underneath. They have not been pre-linked and we're trying to fix that.

Talking about cheating:

Zoo raises walls after gorilla escapes:

Accept Christ as your savior and get a free PS2!

Founder of IHOP lies like a pancake:

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Due to technical reasons, we have not been posting for a while and we are back. Because the database has not fully recovered, the below posts include websites that are not pre-linked for your convenience. Please copy and paste the links into the address bar above to access the websites. We hope to fix this problem in the near future. Thank you for your cooperation and visit us daily!

Flamingo Drive: the fifth game in the Yetisports series:

Traffic is stuck on freeway, literally. If you think this story is funny, read the last one on this website.

Golf Course employee "tricks out" a golf cart (not really):

Top ten foods you shouldn't eat. Hmm... someone's getting a little critical:

Oddly enough, I thought LA was the sweatiest city in the United States. Guess I was wrong.

A sad site produced by a guy whose best friend in the world is a donkey:

Here's a cool link:

A story of how a hot dog in Europe, is really a hot dog.

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